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Profound healing begins within.

“There can be no rebirth without the dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.”-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Can we begin to get curious about the things we experience in life without identifying with them to the point we feel our own psychological construct of self is being killed off. Can we remember to be the observer and experience life through the lens of experience and not story. Can we begin to be present in this moment and not be carrying our past. Can we create space around our emotions and allow them the stage to experience them without judgment, of one being better than another. Life has a magical way of chipping away at us, unveiling the person we have always been, and we’re always meant to be. Could it be the very thing we have been looking for throughout life is the constant, the things that has always been, always will be, that resides within each and everyone of us. If i was my story or my emotion I would disappear the moment that it subsided, but that doesn’t happen. What is this fear we are run by, that keeps us hanging on to tightly to this concept of our psychological self being our true self. Its nothing more than a bunch of beliefs we have strung together as truth and choose to believe in. No more than the next guy, who does the same things with a slight or significant variation. How often do we take an emotion, identify it as part of us. “I feel unworthy” we may say, and then we take it on as part of who we are. And so i ask the question, are those words you? Does that feeling exist outside of yourself? will it continue to exist after you are no longer here? Can you tell me any human being that is actually unworthy? Does worthiness exist without you? Why do I have these expectations that life has to be a certain way for me to be ok? So I ask again, what is my belief around “the purpose of life?” Can I begin to recognize the emotions and allow them to live within me. Taking accountability for them and not rejecting them, deflecting them or throwing them upon another. May I allow them to be, and investigate their purpose of learning and nurture the feeling and not the story. The space in a room will always allow whats happening to happen. It doesn’t judge or attempt to control nor deny. May we begin to trust ourselves and the Divine power that exists outside of us responsible for us growing, and breathing, and recognize the intelligence that exists within us to heal around our traumas. May we begin to return to wholeness and stop labeling and denying any parts of ourselves. May we feel worthy and safe enough to allow all feelings to flow through us as a mere expression of experience, allowing us to truly ascend to our highest potential. May we begin to recognize our filters, our preferences, our fears and begin to create space around them, recognizing it’s a lens we hold, may we disarm them, becoming empowered in our lives and no longer the victims of our past or circumstances. May we marry all parts of ourselves, the shadow and the light and love ourselves fully and completely. Recognizing the denial of any part of ourselves is keeping us from being whole.

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